Partner with Minitab Inc. USA

We are proud to announce that Puzzle Solutions has partnered with Minitab Inc. to bring best international statistical software to Pakistani market for industrial engineering professionals and others. The venture has agreed to setup accredited training center in Lahore to provide updated training and mentoring sessions to interested candidates. Puzzle Solution also aims to broaden the use of software in local market by providing personalized and custom tailored consulting services.

In 1972, three Penn State professors created Minitab Statistical Software to more easily teach their students statistics. The application performed the calculations, and allowed students to focus on learning the concepts and what they can reveal about the world. The software was rapidly adopted by other schools and revolutionized the way people teach and conduct data analysis.

Today, Minitab continues to facilitate discovery and transformation. Thousands of businesses use Minitab 16, Qeystone, Quality Companion, and Quality Trainer to uncover flaws in their processes and improve them. And educators in more than 4,000 colleges and universities use Minitab 16 to teach their students the power of data analysis.

Contact us to know more about this powerful software and that how we can help you in bring about the statistical quality improvement in your organization.



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