Health Management System (HMS)

Health Management System is created to give more knowledge and power to the doctors to record, update, and keep track of all reports of the patients.

Most doctors, for example in Pakistan, other emerging or undeveloped countries do not keep track of patient histories. They normally write a prescription on a pad and give it to the patient. When the patient visits again, records are usually lost.

We want to give doctors more control by enabling them to enter prescription on the computer, posted and saved online in the Health Management System. Next, they click on the print button so that the prescription could be printed to be given to the patients. If the patient has an email address entered into the records, the prescription can be emailed to the patient as well or by SMS to his or her mobile phone.

The patient can log in to the website of and can search for prescription or another related medical history of his or her life.

We link this information to the national ID card or passport system also. When next time the patient visits, the doctor will have accurate access to all the prescriptions prescribed to the patient. If the patient visits another doctor, the new doctor can view the whole history online with a simple login to the system.

The system saves all the records including Lab tests and Xrays. The system is also perfect to complement labs for example, Sindh Lab, Karachi Lab. Once the reports are arrived online, the labs are given permission to access the reports and print easily.

LetÂ’s say a doctor works with Agha Khan Hospital and all the records can be sent to Agha Khan Hospital and they can upload the information on All the information of the patient is together at one location online.

No matter where you travel, medical caretakers like doctors should be able to access your whole medical information and health record to give the right diagnosis and give you correct medicines as well.

We hope you will use this system and tell others as well about it that is how the improvements we can make and add features that are required to the practices for better health management.


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