Lean & Six Sigma

Driving improvements in speed, quality, cost, and flexibility while building the capability required for continuous improvement

Lean Six Sigma helps clients achieve operational speed, quality, cost reduction, and customer satisfaction in the delivery of products and services – a key ingredient to achieve high performance and sustain competitive advantage in businesses and governmental organizations. We help clients address strategic priorities and transform operations by removing waste and driving high-quality business processes through the integration of the proven improvement methodologies of Lean (Speed) and Six Sigma (Quality).

In our experience, operating excellence is a key global driver of economic profit with analysis revealing that 30-80% of the costs in a service business are pure waste. Eliminating waste not only reduces costs but more importantly allows a business to become faster and much more responsive to its customers, driving revenue growth. Our Lean Six Sigma services drive broad cultural change, create a common operations language, and place great emphasis on creating the internal capability required for continuous improvement.

Why Lean Six Sigma:

  • Delivers operational speed, quality, cost reduction, and customer satisfaction.
  • Identifies drivers of economic profit and shareholder value to create a project portfolio.
  • Drives broad cultural change and the creation of a common language.
  • Builds organizational capability to create and sustain a process-performance advantage.

Lean Six Sigma teams help executives explore and address a variety of business questions:

  • How do we identify high-value projects that will contribute to improved financial performance?
  • How can Lean Six Sigma be applied to our services company and service-based processes?
  • We want to implement Lean Six Sigma in our organization, but how can we get buy-in from the internal groups we work with so that we can implement and work together?
  • We have very specific financial goals. Can Lean Six Sigma help take us there?
  • How will speed and quality give us a competitive advantage?
  • Can Lean Six Sigma help me execute my strategy?

Lean Six Sigma execution

Our highly experienced teams apply Lean Six Sigma methodologies and execution skills to projects as a stand-alone service, in parallel with broader transformation initiatives or as part of an ‘issues-based’ deployment. In addition, some companies struggle with dedicating sufficient full-time resources to achieve the breakthrough results that Lean Six Sigma is capable of delivering. Our experienced resources can be brought in on a short-term basis to jump-start profitability or to supplement areas of the business where resources are tightly constrained.

Lean Six Sigma global deployment
Our engagement teams work with organizations on improvement initiatives to clarify specific issues that create interactions and intersections among strategy, policy, mission, process, and organization. We leverage our prime value chain methodology, which focuses on the major activities that make up a company’s core value proposition. Through effective strategy deployment, our teams focus on specific corporate pain points with Lean Six Sigma principles to address issue-based initiatives and identify the best areas for Lean Six Sigma improvement opportunities.

Rapid improvement & Kaizen

Our distinctive ‘speed-to-results’ project selection and prioritization approach help clients focus their efforts on the most promising organizational improvement opportunities. It is designed to engage all levels of the organization to effect a change in culture that embraces process excellence. When integrated with Lean Kaizen events, clients are able to achieve unprecedented speed-to-results and organizational buy-in.